Pediatric Therapies of Savannah has made amazing growth in my boy’s life. My boys have attended Pediatric Therapies since the tender age of two. When my boys begin, they were just diagnosed with ASD (non-Verbal). The entire staff/therapist has worked very hard with my boys from day one. I’m proud to say that my sons (now 8,9) is talking, communicating with a device, writing, and is more physical than before. The progress that my boys has made with the help of Pediatric Therapies, is simply amazing! I would recommend Pediatric Therapies to anyone who has a child that may be developmental delayed or has any disability.
AY (older) AY (younger) – Mom


Madelyn first started Pediatric Therapies of Savannah when she turned 2 years old. She had maybe 5 words she said on a continuous basis, which made her severely delayed among her peers. After a thorough evaluation, she was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech. She was also delayed physically and had many sensory sensitives, which limited everyday life and activities for us (mainly her). With these delays and challenges, Madelyn was in speech, physical and occupational therapies. Madelyn also had severe separation anxiety, which proved coming to therapy difficult. However, the separation anxiety was the least of our worries, as she grew to love each of her therapists after a few visits. She would remind me I needed to leave as she shut the door right in front of me.

Fast forward to where she is a year later: Madelyn is now carrying on conversations with us; to the point we have to remind her to have a little quiet time so she can eat her food at the table. She also loves singing songs all by herself (even at night when she should be going to sleep)! She now enjoys activities she once feared and are now apart of our weekly life, like swimming, playing in the sand and attending dance. We had to pull her out of dance last year because it was too overwhelming with the noise and commotion, but now she calls dance her “dance party!” She is also in soccer and running and kicking the ball right along with her peers.

Madelyn is now in a 3-day preschool program; something I never thought I would agree to this early on, but she absolutely loves going and has made so many friends. Furthermore, Madelyn went through an evaluation to see where she stood among her peers recently. We found out she rated average or above-average on each area.

I say all of this to say this: Without early intervention with Pediatric Therapies of Savannah, none of this would be possible for our Madelyn. She has blossomed into a completely different child! One who lives and loves life without so many of the challenges and fears she once did just a year ago. We can’t thank the ladies enough for your expertise, love and patience you’ve shown her. They’re like family to us!

Amanda Lawrence

Pediatric Therapies really help my son who is on the spectrum thanks so much Mrs.Gail for all the hard work and one on one attention that you gave to my son to help him help his self!!

Charles Stamper

Truly knowledgeable professionals with hearts of gold!

Austin Aus Jackson